Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What are the types of product sold on your website?2019-03-27T01:11:01+00:00

We delve in high quality health and beauty products. We are constantly adding new products that are popular in various countries and also innovative products that are new to the market.

Must I register an account or as a member?2019-03-27T01:08:56+00:00

Yes. This is to ensure your personal data and shipping details recorded properly for our issuance of invoice and shipping consignment notes.
www.vniqglobal.co treats personal information, such as your name, email address or telephone number as important privacy. We promise your personal information will not be disclosed to third party. We will not use or forward your personal information to third party unless:

  • Users agreed to share with third party.
  • Users make knows to public of their personal information in selves-willingness in order to enjoy products or services.
  • Violations of www.vniqglobal.co’s Terms of Use, or as otherwise required by the law.
What is the membership for?2019-03-27T01:12:47+00:00

By registering online in the website, a new customer can become a member and to be entitled for member’s price. You will be eligible to enjoy privileges such as members only presale event, special promotion or early launched products. For every product purchase, you will be entitled to a 10% Loyalty Bonus Points (1 LBP = RM1.00).

By registering online via a referral link provided by your Referral, a new customer will be entitled to a first and only one time 5%+10% Loyalty Bonus Points (“LBP”), i.e. 5% from referral and 10% from normal purchase. This is to encourage the sharing on the benefits of the products to new users. Subsequent purchase will only be entitled to the normal 10% Loyalty Bonus Points.

Is there a fees for membership and is there a validity for the membership?2019-03-27T01:06:17+00:00

No, there is no fee but a 1 year validity of the membership. Extension is automatic once a new product is purchased. Member will be required to write in formally for a waiver if no purchase has been made.

When would I be required to enter Referral Code?2019-03-27T01:16:08+00:00

Vouchers code will be sent to our registered users via email when there is promotion. If you receive such emails, please enter the Voucher Code at checkout page before you complete your checkout process to get the discounts/promotions.

When would I be required to enter Voucher Code?2019-03-27T01:16:50+00:00

Vouchers code will be sent to our registered users via email when there is promotion. If you receive such emails, please enter before you complete your checkout process to get discounts/promotions.

How fast do you deliver?2019-03-27T01:02:50+00:00

Our aim is to have your items shipped to you as fast as possible. We aspire to deliver to you within 3 working days.

How much does delivery cost?2019-03-27T01:04:22+00:00
  • We provide free delivery to East & West Malaysia.
  • For overseas delivery, we charge RM100.00 for each delivery. Free shipping is entitled for purchase above RM2,000.00 in a single receipt. Any custom or import duties will be responsibility of the Recipient. It is required to be paid before parcel is released from custom office of destination country. Unfortunately, we are unable to advice custom duty at your country as custom policies and import duties vary widely from country to country.
What are the delivery hours?2019-03-27T01:09:25+00:00

Delivery hours are usually between 9.00 a.m. and 6.00 p.m. depending on the courier company.

What does it mean if an item is “out of stock”?2019-03-27T01:11:35+00:00

Products that are marked “out of stock” are products that are very popular and frequently sold out. You may e-mail us at customer@vniqglobal.co so that when the stock is available again, you will be the first person that we notify.

How do I order?2019-03-26T14:49:53+00:00

Select the items to purchase, and click “Add to Cart”. Shopping Cart will be updated with the total products selected, you will need to sign in your account and proceed with the checkout. After checkout, you are required to make payment using the payment gateway. You will also receive an email from us regarding your order(s), the tracking code is included.

If you have available Loyalty Bonus Points to spend, you can apply those points during the checkout process. In your cart, simply select the box below the product to “Purchase with Loyalty Bonus Points”, and Loyalty Bonus Points will be applied to that product (1 LBP = RM1.00).

If you have enough Loyalty Bonus Points, you can redeem your next free Vniq product or if you have yet to have sufficient points, you can use the points to reduce the price that you pay for the next VNIQ product.

How do I check the status of my order?2019-03-26T14:48:45+00:00

You will receive an email from us to acknowledge the order and the tracking code will be provided to you.

How do I make a change to my order?2019-03-26T14:48:56+00:00

You will not be able to make changes to an order once placed.

What is your cancellation policy?2019-03-27T01:13:17+00:00

For any reason should you wish to return your item(s), you have fourteen (14) days upon receiving the item(s) to return your order. Please contact VNIQ Global’s Customer Service to initiate the return.

Please ensure that the item(s) have not been used or worn and are in their original packaging. The item(s) must be returned to our returns address within fourteen (14) days upon receiving the item(s).

How do I report a problem with my order?2019-03-26T14:51:16+00:00

If you have a problem with your order, please leave feedback in our contacts form or email us at customer@vniqglobal.co.

When will I receive my refund?2019-03-27T01:15:34+00:00

Payment will be made within 14 days by transfer to your bank account or crediting your credit card. You are to provide your bank account details for us to initiate the refund.

How do I review my receipt?2019-03-27T01:00:39+00:00

You will receive your receipt via e-mail after payment.

How do I return items?2019-03-27T01:00:15+00:00

Please refer to our Shipping and Returns Policy.

How do I wash my Kodenshi leggings?2019-03-27T01:02:02+00:00

Kindly refer to the washing guide in the packaging. We recommend only hand wash with luke warm water (below 30ºC) for Kodenshi leggings. Do not machine wash, dry under hot sun and do not iron the leggings. Using of dryer is prohibited.

Can I wear during pregnancy?2019-03-26T14:47:01+00:00

We do not recommend to wear the Kodenshi leggings during pregnancy.

Can I wear during postpartum period?2019-03-26T14:46:21+00:00

Yes, we encourage women to wear Kodenshi leggings in their postpartum period

Is there any restriction for ill people to wear Kodenshi leggings?2019-03-27T01:07:35+00:00

Almost anyone can wear the leggings. However, it is best for patients with serious health problems such as thrombosis, critical hypertension, heart disease, serious diabetes and patients that have undergone major surgery to consult their doctor for advice before wear.

Will the Kodenshi leggings tear?2019-03-27T01:18:05+00:00

Yes if handled not carefully as the Kodenshi leggings are manufactured using woven and stitching techniques. The leggings are meant to be thin to be breathable and can be worn for long duration without feeling hot or stuffy. As such, extra gentle and care shall be taken to wear the leggings to ensure that the leggings are not torn by excessive pulling or stretching force. Care shall also be taken to ensure that the leggings do not get torn by sharp materials like the wearer’s nail and accessories such as rings and bracelets.

I have many more questions for you?2019-03-27T01:05:01+00:00

For more queries, do contact us at customer@vniqglobal.co.