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Membership Terms and Conditions

How do I become a VNIQ Member?

You can register as a member via the link provided by your Referral or you can directly register as member via our website. You shall provide us the required information for the registration of your membership. To learn more about becoming a VNIQ Member, contact the person who referred you to this site or read our Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs) or email us at

How much does membership cost?

The membership is free.

Will I have a minimum order requirement?

No there is no minimum order requirement. You just need to purchase a minimum of one product and we will forward you an email to brief you on the benefit of becoming a Referral and provides you the link for you to share the website or products to others.

What are Loyalty Bonus Points?

Every product that you purchase will entitle you to Loyalty Bonus Points that can be accumulated and used to redeem products or to reduce the amount that you will need to pay for your next VNIQ products.

How do I redeem my Loyalty Bonus Points online?

If you have available Loyalty Bonus Points to spend, you can apply these points during the checkout process. In your cart, simply select the box below the product to “Purchase with Loyalty Bonus Points”, and Loyalty Bonus Points will be applied to that product. If you have enough Loyalty Bonus Points, you can redeem your next VNIQ product purchase or if you have insufficient points, you can use the points to reduce the price that you pay for the next VNIQ product. 1 Loyalty Bonus Points is equivalent to RM1.00.

Cancellation of membership

A VNIQ Member or Referral may cancel his/her membership by emailing us at and providing a written notification. The membership will be cancelled within 7 calendar days upon the receipt of the cancellation notification.